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Beach Conditions Information


Daily information is available regarding the swimming conditions at County-operated beaches.

After 9:00 am, information about water and weather conditions, as well as the presence of hazards such as Man-O-War or Sea Lice, is available online. When you arrive at a lifeguard protected beach, please check the Daily Conditions Board and Flag(s) being flown from the tower for current onsite conditions, as they may change throughout the day. You can access a daily recording at the following numbers:

Sun SafetyAdobe PDF Document
Play It SafeAdobe PDF Document

North Palm Beach County
(561) 624-0065
Day: Thursday
Date: April 24, 2014
Advisories: High bacteria, swimming not recomended at Dubois Park
Air Temperature: 70'
Water Temperature: 76'
Wind Direction & Speed: SE @ 13mph
Surf Conditions:- calm. slight north current.
Warning Hazards: Low hazard
Weather Conditions: Mostly Sunny with a high of 85
Rain Chance: 20%
Low Tide at Jupiter Inlet: 10:52 am
High Tide at Jupiter Inlet: 5:30 pm
Reminder of the day: Swim in front of a manned lifeguard tower
South Palm Beach County
(561) 629-8775
Day: Thursday
Date: April 24, 2014
Advisories: Large amounts of seaweed has been washing up on shore.
Air Temperature: 85'
Water Temperature: 79'
Wind Direction & Speed: SE @ 5 - 10 mph
Surf Conditions: Calm - Lt Chop
Warning Hazards: Underwater Rocks, Baitfish & Seaweed
Weather Conditions: Mostly Sunny
Rain Chance: 10%
Low Tide at Boynton Inlet: 1:09 pm
High Tide at Boynton Inlet: 6:43 pm
Reminder of the day: Drink plenty of water while out in the sun & apply sunscreen.